Bob Hairstyle

The Prominence of the Bob Hairstyle

If you would take a quick look into the history of hairstyles, you would definitely see a prominent hairstyle of the short kind back in the 1920s. This particular hairstyle is actually the bob hairstyle, and it quickly rose into popularity since it was first introduced. There is also quite a vibrant history to the bob hairstyle that is still famous to this day.

Before the emergence of the bob hairstyle, women were not really allowed to have short hairstyles. In fact, women were confined, for the lack of a better term, to having long hairstyles. Their hair were often swept up by means of combs, or worn in hairnets for grooming of curls. But when the Victorian era and all its constraints were finally abandoned, women welcomed the refreshing change brought about by the bob hairstyle.

It was actually in 1917 that the bob hairstyle first came into play. The hairstyle was popularized by the silent-screen actress, Irene Castle herself. Miss Castle took it upon herself to help with the efforts of war by cutting her hair into a short bob. The underlying concept for the bob hairstyle was actually to encourage women to have a new outlook on war. The outlook Miss Castle wanted to employ is that women do not really have to spend so much time growing and grooming their hair during the pressing times of war. At the time, a lot of women were also working in factories, and long hairstyles were very much a hassle, especially when operating machines. Thus, the bob hairstyle became the most demanded at its prime.

But with the coming of the 1940s, the bob hairstyle took the backstage for a bit, and gave way to long hairstyles once again. This time around, more emphasis was given to soft and wavy locks that reached shoulder length. The absence of the bob hairstyle, however, was not really pronounced because the style became popular once more at the onset of the 1960s. This time around, more and more women were joining the workforce, employing all sorts of professions that demanded short hairstyles. It was not long after that when Vidal Sassoon, one of the most influential hairstylists ever, modified the cut of the bob hairstyle. Since then, more and more women went ahead and took the bob hairstyle for themselves. This number is still growing to this very date.

Hairstyles do come and go, since they are pretty much dependent on the pervasive styles and trends in fashion. But the bob hairstyle is indeed one of the few hairstyles that have stood the test of time.

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