Braid Hairstyle

Braid Hairstyle: The Latest Fad

The braid hairstyle emanates sexiness and flattery for women endowed with medium length to long hair. Braids are simply great especially during the humid days of summer. You can add a more stylish appeal to your usually pony tailed hair with a taste of the braid hairstyle.

Braided hairstyles are varied. There is the French braid, corn rows or the plain braid. Braids are versatile as they can be woven with satin ribbons or pinned with elegant clips. Meanwhile, the French braid is excellent for controlling your unruly locks specifically on one of those bad hair days.

If you prefer to have a braid hairstyle for a change, first and foremost, it is necessary that you free your strands from any knot and tangle. And then, you may gather your hair in a crown and comb it clean before you equally divide it into three divisions and tie it into ponytails. You may braid each division separately, and pile it on your head, securing it with a beaded pin.

One important pointer is to spray your hair with styling spray or water before you start the braiding process, to make hair easier to comb. Another braid hairstyle is to divide the hair into divided sections of three. Hold unto the middle division firmly, as you pull across the right section. After which, the left, and then the center. Interwove each division one across the other. You have your choice whether to have a tight braid hairstyle or a loosely hanging braid or one that is wound around the head. As soon as you get used to the art of braiding, you can do a perfect braid hairstyle in no time.

Corn rowing is a complex technique in braiding. This style was usually practiced and used by the African Americans. However, in recent years, more and more people are into this kind of braid hairstyle. Generally, doing the corn row braid normally takes about three hours, more or less depending on how skilled a person is about it.

Both the male and female population now showcases braid hairstyles. In fact, males with braided hair are increasing in numbers. This generation is the best time to play with hair, as there is an abundance of styles to present them. For one with medium to long hair, a braid hairstyle may just be for you to relish. Beautifying oneself with various braided styles is common practice already. All it takes is an imaginative mind to come up with varied stylish braids.

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