Dressy Hairstyle For Prom

Dressy Hairstyle for Prom: How to Dress-Up Long Hair

Proms are significant occasions in every teenagers life. Its no surprise why girls get stressed out when they start planning how theyd look on prom night. The daunting choice doesnt just stop with the dress, shoes, and makeup, but goes way up to ones crown of glory the hairstyle. So how do you make a simple prom hairstyle shine through the night? Dress it up!

Sometimes when you have long hair, it can seem quite boring when its styled like any other prom hairstyle. While the classic updo can be rather tempting, there are some possibilities that may add excitement to your longhair prom hairstyle. Choose a dressy hairstyle for prom and make an interesting difference in the crowd of all curls-and-buns.

Whats the key? A dressy hairstyle for prom will need hair accessories to spice-up the hairstyle. Hair accessories come in various styles and colors, including crystal hairpins, sequined barrettes, vintage hair combs, and wooden hair sticks. Whatever the look youre aiming for, if you have the perfect hair accessories to match the hairstyle, youre certain to achieve that dressy hairstyle for prom. If you have long hair, heres one dressy hairstyle for prom that you may want to try on:

Prom Up/Down Dressy Hairstyle

This dressy hairstyle gives an elegant yet modified updo style thats half up and half down. While a portion of the hair is actually pinned up using elegant pin accessories, the rest of the hair cascades softly down the back and around ones shoulders.

The look is achieved by combining stylish hair rolls with slight hint of long-smooth bangs; this stunning hairdo works best with shoulder length hair or long hair with medium thickness. The style is all about smoothness and the addition of elegant hair accessories to add zing to the look. Those wishing to wear this style on fine hair, must be ready with extra bobby pins and strong holding hairspray to prevent hair slippage.

Very long hair can do this hairstyle by adjusting the back rolls size, and allowing more hair to flow down freely at the back and around the necks nape. This hairstyle gives a new look to the usual updos by creating both a classic and trendy look.

Remember, the secret to whatever type of dressy hairstyle for prom, is the use of charming and chic hair accessories. Whether you let your hair down with curls, or have a braided updo, fit in some small bits of hair accessories to accentuate

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