Fancy Prom Hairstyle

Fancy Prom Hairstyle: Tips for an Elegant Do

A fancy prom hairstyle is among the lots of things that make prom preparation quite stressful. Along with the right makeup, dress, and jewelry, a fancy prom hairstyle can truly create that ravishing look youve always dreamed of. After all, for most teenage girls, prom is a very important part of their existence, so planning and details can make the occasion perfect.

Between the choice of dress and the kind of makeup and jewelry to wear, the prom hairstyle has to fit in and complement the total look. So what can a teenage girl do for her prom hairstyle? Easy, simply follow some hairstyle tips to get that desired touch of elegance and beauty.

While letting a hairdresser do the styling for your prom hairstyle can be the best option, you always have the choice of doing your own hairstyle if youre in a jam. Follow these tips to bring the hairstyle closer to a professional result.

Get ready

In choosing the prom hairstyle, it is important to consider not just the faces shape, but also the physique and type of dress to be worn. You can visit your hairstylist a few weeks before the occasion, and ask for suggestions on what hairstyle will fit you best.

Roller Settings

If youre looking for an excellent set of electric roller, Conair can make quite a good one. The hot setting is recommended; and if youre hair is curly, smooth out most of the curls before rolling to prevent ending up with a frizz or fuzz.

Flat Iron

Do not use flat iron before roller setting; the hair will not get the right curl by doing so. If the hair has natural ringlet curls, and you prefer making them looser or bigger, simply smooth out the hair using vented brush or big round brush.


Whether curly hair or poker-straight hair, using an excellent setting spray will do the trick. Some stylists recommend the Redken Hot Sets; make sure every section is sprayed right before the roller is put on.


This hairstyle is a classic pick for a fancy prom hairstyle. Its classy, sophisticated, and elegant that always wows the crowd. Try an elegant French twist or braid for the updo to have a new interesting look. Weaves, curls, and side-swept bangs are also some of the trends in prom hairstyle. Make sure you pick a hairstyle youre comfortable with.

Proms happen once in a lifetime, so making it as memorable as possible is important. Get that fancy prom hairstyle, and complete an amazing prom look.

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