Female Short Hairstyle

Hair Style For: ROUND FACE
The Cut: A gamine with spiky layers sliced all around the crown like Ginnifer Goodwin's chop.

Why It Works?:
"If you're going to go short, go short all the way," says legendary celebrity hairstylist Garren. Unlike a jaw-hugging bob, this petite pixie downplays roundness in a big way. The choppy pieces up top add height, lengthen your face and emphasize your eyes.

Expert Tip: This length is a cinch to style for straight, wavy and fine hair, but steer clear of it if you have curls-think poodle.

To Style:
Styling short locks is easy with the Eva NYC Mini Healthy Heat Ceramic Flat Iron ($30). Because of its miniature size, you can actually grasp your shortest strands to totally transform your pixie.

Female Short Hairstyle: Chic And Highly Fashionable

Hair Style For: HEART FACE
The Cut: A coy pixie that’s clipped evenly on the sides and nape with short layers on top.

Why It Works?:
Halle Berry’s tousled cut is dynamic enough to cancel out a pronounced jawline, while the choppy layers break up a wide forehead.

Expert Tip: Corkscrew curls and cropped hair don’t mix. To avoid a top-heavy effect that will exaggerate your chin, dense strands need to be sliced into

To Style:
To extend the life of your whispy pixie 'do, try Living Proof Prime Style Extender. It's weightless so that your strands stay upright and ensures your style will last up to two times longer.

In general, people agree to the contribution of a good hair day to ones good mood and boost of confidence. However, a lot of people are complaining, female especially, that such great hair days come so rarely. The right hairstyle, no doubt, increase chances of a benevolent hair day, thus, making life so much easier.

A well-cut female short hairstyle can certainly draw an eye to your best assets, leaving you with a good feeling of being ultimately sexy and confident. With the numerous hairstyles you can experiment with, plus the fact of using hairs styling products, no wonder a lot of individuals go for the female short hairstyle. The reason is clear. A female short hairstyle is extremely easy to maintain and work on with. Shorter hairstyles have been a fashion statement for the last decades already, and for many more to come.

Myriad of factors are to be considered in distinguishing the best style that suits you. Regardless of opting for the shaggy, pixie, bob, pageboy, or other short styles, it is vital that you take into account the type of hair texture that you have, as well as your lifestyle and shape of your face. If you know the facial type or shape that you are flaunting with, it will be more convenient and simple for you to choose a particular female short hairstyle.

Hair Style For: LONG/OVAL Face
The Cut: A blunt bob with minimal, subtle layers.

Why It Works?:
"This face shape is the easiest to carry off any kind of haircut," says Tollo. Go for a strong lob with a little bit of face-framing like Rihanna.

Expert Tip: Pick your go-to, everyday hairstyle based on your natural hair part. That can be your guiding factor.

To Style:
Because this cut is blunt by nature, play up your natural texture in the styling and stick with a center part.

If you belong the lucky few with oval shaped face, you can try the pixie or sleek look with parting on the center. On the other hand, a swept back hair will bring out and enhance your features. Just make sure to avoid heavy bangs, for this will only shield your best assets. In addition, a longer style that passes slightly below the chin, and is softened and shaped along the edges is flattering for a square face. This cut provides the illusion of a lengthy face. Hair should not be in level with the chin or cut shorter than this so the face will not look much squarer. Bangs and center partings must significantly be avoided.

For a beautiful face with heart-shaped features, balance between the chin and forehead is important. A female short hairstyle with layers shaping the face and is thicker at the bottom part give off a kind of fullness and volume where it is needed. On the contrary, stay clear from too straight lines, as this type will only accentuate the jaw line, and is definitely not a pleasurable sight.

More and more exciting short hairstyles are out there waiting for you to try. After knowing the basic guidelines of what may or may not be good for you, the next stop will be to find an excellent hairstylist to materialize your desired hairstyle. With the right cut and the best hairdresser, your female short hairstyle will definitely be a blast and a reason enough for a glorious hair day!

Hair Style For: SQUARE Face
The Cut: A short layered bob with subtle bangs.

Why It Works?:
Cameron Diaz's cut brings the focus higher and puts the emphasis on your cheekbones, rather than your jaw.

Expert Tip: Dense strands could puff out at this length, so be sure to tame any frizzy pieces with a quick pass of a flat iron.

To Style:
Here, Diaz kept her short hairstyle and cut fairly au naturel and maintenance free—except for her platinum color. To subtly touch up roots from home—witthout having to see a colorist—try Madison Reed Root Touch Up
Tips #1: Avoid Cuts With Sharp Edges On The Top And Sides
You can have almost any style you want, but you want to avoid sharp, angled cuts, especially those that land at ear level. Instead, choose something shorter than your ears, or something that extends past your ears.

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