Meg Ryan Hairstyle

Celebrity Hair: Meg Ryan Hairstyle

We love celebrities. In fact, were always mesmerized with their looks that we always try hard to get the same clothes, makeup, and hairstyle they sport in the movies, magazines, print ads, and the red carpet. Looking somewhat the same with our favorite Hollywood star make us feel not just good and beautiful but feel like a celebrity as well. In the world of hairstyle, it is always common to see a woman hop in a hair salon and tell the hairstylist to them the hair of their favorite celebrity. And one name that they always drop is Meg Ryan.

Meg Ryan hairstyle is very popular especially with women who want to have short or medium-length manageable hair. As an actress she has sported many kinds of hairstyles, all of which made her look really stunning and gorgeous. But the short tousled and messing looking hairstyle she sported in movies Youve Got Mail and City of Angels, opposite Tom Hanks and Nicholas Cage respectively, was the really the one often dubbed as the Meg Ryan hairstyle.

Aside from its cool, the Meg Ryan hairstyle appealed to many women especially those who are wearing many hats as a mother, wife, and career woman. Its like a wash-and-wear hairstyle that needs less fixing and styling after a bath.

Three of the most popular Meg Ryan hairstyle is the out-of-the bed hairstyle, the messy look hairstyle, and the blunt cut hairstyle. So if you go to a hair salon and plans to have a Meg Ryan hairstyle, it would help if youd be more specific to your hairstylist about what particular Meg Ryan hairstyle you want to have.

Out-of-the-Bed Hair

The out-of-the-bed hairstyle is considered as Meg Ryans signature look. The razor cut hairstyle sports a no-fuss but balanced look for your hair, which you can fix by just combing it with your fingers.

The Messy Look

Meg Ryan further messed up her hair but still maintained to look stunningly charming with her messy look hairstyle. It is short and cut with jagged layers and side bangs creating extra definition and height to her face.

Blunt About Hair

If you would notice, Meg Ryan is not scared to try any hairstyle even if it looks messy. Perhaps, shes one of the very first Hollywood stars to carry a messy look yet still look gorgeous on it. Maybe, its because shes simply blunt about hair and even had a blunt cut hairstyle to make a statement. The hairstyle has blunt cut with side bangs and razored layers that look stylishly voluminous and textured.

A Meg Ryan hairstyle could really be cool. However, try also to consider if the hairstyle would also match up on the shape of your face to ensure that it would look good on you as well.

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