Shag Hairstyle

Shag Hairstyle: A Sexy and Stylish Look

Lots of hairstyles become a classic, and the shag hairstyle is one of them. Considered the coolest hairdo back in the 70s, the shag hairstyle was sported by many famous names like David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Andy Gibb, and Leif Garrett. During the 80s, the hairstyle had a comeback in one distinction or another, made popular by many big hair heavy-metal rock bands.

In recent times, hairstylists have been cutting the shag left and right for many fashionable women, including Hollywood hottie Reese Witherspoon flaunting the foxiest hip hairdo in 2003. Today, the shag hairstyle remains to be elegantly textured tresses that have outdone the trendy bob.

So what is a shag hairstyle?

The word shag in the concept of hairstyle refers to the short-to-mid-length layered cut; however it is different from layered haircut. The shag hairstyle is usually somewhere in between ones chin and shoulder. The cut also uses a stationary guide through combing ones hair upward to align it with the hair found above the head.

The name shag comes from shaggy, referring to the look often achieved with the cut. Like other countless names for hairstyles, the shag name was used to make it more appealing to the newer generation quite a simple marketing strategy.

The Dimensional Shag

Not just a hairstyle for the younger generation, the shag hairstyle has its version for women forty and above the dimensional shag. Basically, the hairstyle is a deconstructed cut, which means its less defined allowing women to wear it in several ways.

If one has a longer hair, the shoulder-length shag with fringey sides and bangs will be just the right thing. The bangs can be coaxed under and the ends of the hair fluffed outward by using a hair dryer. Those who have shorter hair can achieve the same look. To give this hairstyle a real wow look, one can add streaks of color underneath or on top, or simply around the face. Use gels, mousses, or pomades to maintain either a sleek or soft look. If you prefer an edgier or spikier look, using harder products will achieve the look.

Great hairstyles like the shag are timeless. One can be stylish whatever the age, and the most recent styles may be adjusted to suit ones own personality and style. Wear a classic look thats been known for chic and edge, get that shag hairstyle and be among the many whove attained the stylish look.

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