Short Hairstyle

What Short Hairstyle Do Women Prefer

A womans hair is among the forgiving attributes about herself. It is the most easily changed and redefined feature that invents that new look. The hair is one of the few things that both men and women modified to create something new with their physical appearance and it costs less and is accomplished in just few minutes. But when it comes to hairstyling, women are more vain and stylish.

Additionally, any change that a woman does to hair is not permanent. Therefore, any cut she does not approved of can be altered in time. Haircuts always grow and hairstyles are re-done. Long hairstyles are not so much the best and the most in thing anymore. A short hairstyle is now considered to be fabulous and fashionable.

The short hairstyle is indeed a chic look that has found its place in trendy hairstyles of this contemporary era. From teenagers to older and mature women, they seem to have shared the same passion for that short hairstyle look. And one of the most talked-about short hairstyle among teenagers and younger women is the so-called layered haircut. An increasing number of young women preferred the layered cut because it can be maintained so easily. And above all, the layered hairstyle can be conveniently worn just the way it is to both formal and informal events, without being left behind in the hair cut trends. This short layered cut can be glamorously be flipped inwards or be flipped out. However you flipped it, you will be assured of the same sophisticated effect. The inward flip, on the other hand, is preferred by matured women while the outside flip creates a more hip and trendy appeal.

Another favorite by women sporting short hairstyle is the bobbed haircut. This type of haircut can be comfortably worn with highlights, bangs or layers for that soft and feminine touch, that others otherwise referred to as the severe look. Bob cuts can be asymmetrically cut too, for that funky yet feminine look. Another classification of the bobbed haircut is the A-line bob cut, wherein it is distinguished by an inward flip creating a more sophisticated look with futuristic appeal.

However, a mature woman rarely goes for the A-line bobbed cut or outwardly flipped short hairstyle. Rather, she prefers a style that is not severe and is conservative, manageable but certainly not plain, and trendy yet not flamboyant. A short bob, with low side and high crown is more ideal for mature women with elongated thin face. The hairstyle is then softened with a side path and simple bangs flaunting teases just above the forehead or at the sides. Side burns and highlights are additional creative modifications that mature women may choose to collaborate into their short hairstyle.

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